About the Soul of Money Institute

Founded in 2003 by Lynne Twist, the Soul of Money Institute is a center for exploring and sharing the best practices, theories, and attitudes that enable people to relate to money and the money culture with greater freedom, power, and effectiveness.

The Mission

The Soul of Money Institute provides transformational and educational programs that inspire and empower individuals, organizations, and institutions to:

  • Align the acquisition and allocation of their financial resources with their most deeply held values.
  • Move from an economy of fear, consumption, and scarcity, to an economy of sufficiency, sustainability, and generosity.
  • Generate an expanding flow of resources toward the affirmation of life and the common good.


The Soul of Money Institute’s work is based upon the following principles:

  • Prosperity flows from sufficiency — the recognition of enough.
  • Each individual makes a difference.
  • What we appreciate appreciates.
  • Collaboration generates prosperity.
  • Our legacy is what we live – not what we leave.
  • Gratefulness is the heart of generosity.
  • Global citizenship is the natural outcome of an awakening consciousness.
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