Board Retreat Facilitation


Rather than fixing the problems of an organization, I work in partnership with the leaders to deepen their commitment to their purpose and vision and then create an environment where anything blocking or interfering with that vision dissolves and the organization comes into alignment.” — Lynne Twist

For corporate boards looking to channel their ideas and energy into a powerful, goal-oriented strategic vision, Lynne offers board retreats that aid in the transformation from mediocrity to visionary excellence.

Executive Board Retreats, which are two to five days in duration, involve Lynne working with the team to re-conceptualize their goals toward a bigger worldview. Questions such as, “How does your vision connect to the world?” and, “How do you foster and nourish that connection?” are central to the conversation.

In addition, Lynne will guide your team to identify any misalignment that exists and aid you in creating workable solutions and professional breakthroughs. As a result, the organization’s leadership completes the retreat with a clear North Star to guide it, as well as the alignment required to fulfill the lager mission and purpose.