Books Featuring Lynne

book-fearless-womenFearless Women: Midlife Portraits by Mary Ann Halpin, Nancy Alspaugh, and Marilyn Kentz

Ask some women their age, and they’ll demur. Ask others, like Joni Mitchell or Cybill Shepherd, and they’ll take up a sword. In this inspirational book, 50 women ranging in age from their 40s to their 60s-including movie and television personalities, musicians, and Olympic athletes-are presented in stunning photographs holding a sword to symbolize their passionate and courageous approach to aging.

book-the-soul-of-businessThe Soul of Business (New Dimensions Books) by Lynne Twist, David Whyte, Matthew Fox, and Carol Orsborn

The Soul of Business is about the ongoing paradigm shift in the way business operates in the world. Moving beyond the traditional goals of productivity and profit, the new model of business for the 21st century embraces a more caring workplace: respect for the importance of spiritual values and vision, a commitment to empowering people to manifest their full creativity and passion, and recognizing the social responsibility of business to be a positive force for change in the world.

book-the-soul-of-successThe Soul of Success: A Woman’s Guide to Authentic Power by Jennifer Read Hawthorne

Women often seek external barometers to define success-their salary, their looks, their relationships, their possessions. This book offers them a truer barometer: the quality of their inner experience. In a time of widespread disillusionment with material rewards, this is a guide for women seeking both inner and outer riches. This timely book shows how 30 remarkable women broke through to a deeper experience of success in their personal and professional lives by tapping into their authentic power.

book-translucent-revolutionThe Translucent Revolution: How People Just Like You are Waking Up and Changing the World by Ken Wilber and Arjuna Ardagh

At a time when the fate of the world seems increasingly uncertain, The Translucent Revolution provides a compelling and convincing argument that radical positive change is taking place throughout our global society, resulting in increasing numbers of people from diverse and divergent backgrounds who are awakening to a state Ardagh defines as “translucent.” In the process, they are becoming part of a potentially critical mass of people capable of triggering a worldaround awakening of deeper purpose, joy, compassion, self-fulfillment, and service to others.

book-women-of-courageWomen of Courage: Inspiring Stories from the Women Who Lived Them by Katherine Martin

Forty women describe life-altering moments in which they had to rely on their own inner resources to conquer challenges and find strength and wisdom. Women of Courage is a rich tapestry of the human experience that touches a soulful place in each of us because this is life, not the heroics of myths or wars or movies. We have much to learn from these women. Their stories are precious and help us remember who we are, truly. Their accumulated experience is broad and inspires us to stand up and live our lives more fully.


book-the-flipThe Flip: Turn Your World Around by Jared Rosen and David Rippe,

Humankind stands at an important crossroad. One way leads to an upside down world of chaos, anxiety and fear; the other toward a Right Side Up world of mindful living, harmony and balance. An incredible shift in consciousness, a flip, is taking place affecting every aspect of our lives. Will you embrace it or deny it?

The Flip, a new book by Jared Rosen and David Rippe, illuminates a clear path to a vibrant enlightened world where millions of people already live and thrive. It describes in vivid detail and real examples evidence of an upside down world in decay and a Right Side Up world of authentic beings bright with possibility.


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