Lynne Twist Goi Peace Award

The Goi Peace Foundation will bestow the 2015 Goi Peace Award on Lynne Twist, a social activist, fundraiser, author and consultant, who has dedicated herself to alleviating poverty and hunger, and supporting social justice and […]

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Lynne Twist Spiritual Solutions with Deepak Chopra

The Spiritual Solutions workshop is a culmination of Deepak Chopra’s most powerful foundational teachings. Broken down into tangible, practical tools in the four areas of health and wellbeing, relationships, success, and personal growth, you will leave this […]

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Lynne Twist Fundraising from the Heart at the Upaya Zen Center

A Workshop to Transform Your Relationship With Money and the Life of Your Non-Profit What if you could turn what may seem like “the necessary evil” of fundraising into the most exciting and fulfilling expression […]

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Lynne Twist Revolution: Shapeshifting Yourself & The World

Workshop Details During this experiential workshop, you’ll gain access for opening up to your passions and co-creating this revolution–a Consciousness Revolution–prophesied by the Maya of Central America, the Quechua of the Andes, Himalayan Buddhists, desert Bedouins, […]

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