Fundraising Consulting

A recognized global visionary for over 40 years, Lynne has been called a “fundraising doctor” and developed an international reputation as a valued resource to social profit organizations (aka nonprofits), where she facilitates leaders and their teams to powerfully formulate their organization’s mission, vision and fundraising strategy.

Conducted in a one- to two-day off-site, the session can involve the executive director and his or her entire board, a small team of key players that is inclusive of several board members, or a one-on-one with the development or executive director. Activities during the off-site can include:

  • Addressing executive directors who are so consumed with fundraising that they find they are challenged with running their organizations effectively, or are so focused on running their organizations that they are challenged with fundraising effectively.
  • Working with the board and staff to align on the purpose, mission and values of the organization and having the fundraising strategy be an expression of that.
  • Coming up with a plan to deal with fundraising issues, which may include an insufficient number of volunteers; absence of a development committee on the board; or lack of a development department, robust development process or culture.
  • Determining how to diversify and expand funding sources beyond foundations and corporations to include life-long individual donors.
  • Transforming board and/or leadership team issues so that fundraising can flourish.

Prior to the off-site, a preliminary phone discussion takes place between Lynne and the client to determine the organization’s specific needs and goals and design the upcoming strategy session. In addition, Lynne and her team work with the client to determine any necessary preparation, documentation or information they need to gather prior to the meeting.

Post off-site, the process concludes with a written report and completion call with Lynne highlighting:

  • Key interventions needed to resolve any breakdowns.
  • Suggested next steps for a resourceful strategy for expanding fundraising success.
  • A recap of what occurred and thorough debrief of the progress made within the meeting.
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