Speaking: The Soul of Money

Transforming your relationship with money and life


In today’s society we live under the tyranny of a consumer culture — one that often exalts money, profit and the bottom line above all else. In this “money culture,” everyone from the very wealthy to the resource poor experiences fear, constraint and misunderstanding around money.

Based on her best-selling book, “The Soul of Money,” Lynne Twist examines the harsh realities of a money culture that holds us back from achieving our highest potential and realizing our greatest aspirations.

By looking at our own financial “story” and the ways our beliefs have limited and constricted our relationship with money, we can re-conceptualize money. This presentation offers new pathways to realign our relationship with money and shows us how we can discover our own sufficiency and inner wealth. Topics include:

  • Appreciating the power and presence of your existing resources.
  • Gaining an appreciation of your inherent completeness, regardless of your current economic circumstances.
  • Experiencing a new sense of freedom and joy in your relationship with money.


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